Introducing Rosaleen Kelly...

...Registered Nurse, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Instructor


Rosaleen is an internationally accredited and renowned teacher of Applied Kinesiology – or ‘Touch for Health’. She is an approved instructor with the Kinesiology Association of Ireland, the International Kinesiology College and is an approved P.R.A.N.A. teacher for the Gateways College in California. P.R.A.N.A. stands for Polarity Reflexes and Nutritional Assessment. PRANA is a kinesiology-based natural health nutritional assessment program. You can read more about PRANA in our courses section.

A native of Ballyhaunis in Co. Mayo in Ireland, Rosaleen started her nursing career in the early 1970s and spent many formative years in the profession. During this time, she experienced a growing realisation that people suffering illness and disease need to be treated according to causes rather than symptoms – a more enlightened and holistic approach to health issues and healing.

This gave rise to her keen exploration and study of related Natural Therapies, natural healing therapies, alternative therapies and holistic healing techniques. She was privileged enough to study Reflexology under one of Ireland’s pioneer figureheads, Olive Gentleman. From here, she went on to expand her repertoire of skills studying Applied Kinesiology with many prominent lecturers in the field of Natural Health and Holistic approaches to healthcare.

Today, Rosaleen runs one of the most successful natural health practices in the West of Ireland. Since its establishment just outside Ballyhaunis in the 1980s, KinesiCare has treated a wide range of clients – from infants to the elderly – presenting with a broad spectrum of health issues. Clients of all ages are successfully treated with kinesiology, reflexology and the other natural and holistic therapies provided by Kinesicare.

Rosaleen's depth of knowledge and experience of alternative therapies and holisitc approaches to healing, stress management, and natural therapies has grown to see her become a frequent guest on local radio, a regular contributor of articles and editorials to several publications and a consultant to other businesses. Rosaleen's articles are available here on the Kinesicare website in the Articles section and Rosaleen also writes a blog which deals with natural, mental health and wellbeing related issues.

Positive Thought for the Day

My body mirrors my state of mind. I am healthy whole and complete.

"You have only ONE mind but it possesses 2 distinctive characteristics..."

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